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occult and paranormal - 24 hour contact number - 07939513362 . or 07980993105 alternatively Email us - charles_walker2@hotmail.com.

Welcome to the Worthing Occult and Paranormal Investigations Website .

If you would like us to investigate a possible haunting  or need some help please call   07939513362 anytime day or night we are here to help if we can.

We have now got another 24 Hour emergency contact number so if the one above is not available you can also contact us on


Unlike many other groups we do NOT charge for our investigations.

We take each and every case seriously, and all information is treated in the strictest confidence, any personal details about the investigation is NEVER given to a third party so you are safe in the knowledge that your identity will not be made public, we respect your privacy and wishes.

Although we are primarily based in Worthing, we have investigators across the South of England and we are able to cover just about all of the South, we have experienced investigators based in Worthing/Crawley/Brighton/Havant/Portsmouth and other areas.

****PLEASE NOTE*****

As we are a non-profit organisation we can only cover the South of England, IE: Within 60 miles of Worthing and Portsmouth due to rising fuel costs, but if you are outside of this area then please contact us as we may be able to arrange a paranormal group local to you to come and investigate on our behalf, we have contacts all over the UK.

Also  visit our Occult and Paranormal facebook site membership is open to all http://www.facebook.com/groups/worthingoap/







 Above Right: A photograph taken at the ruins of Bramber Castle, Sussex, UK showing a misty image.  The castle is said to be haunted. Below: The infamous Clapham Wood. Bottom: Jack Upperton's Gibbet near Arundel, West Sussex, UK.  This is another haunted location which we have investigated in the past.  Click on the images to read more about each of these sites.

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